Sunday, October 4, 2009

Kobe vs Lebron

Kobe and Lebron are known to be NBAs best two players whos bettter?

There are many kobe likers and dislikers as well the same for James. When it come to comparing the two where going to see.
  • Smartness=Kobe
  • Quicker=Kobe
  • Bigger=Lebron
  • Stronger=Lebron
  • Shooting=Kobe
  • Defense=Kobe
  • Rebounding=Lebron
  • Talent=Kobe
  • Experience=Kobe
  • Driving=Lebron

There are to many comparisons to know who a better player, comment and you tell me who a better player. Kobe or Lebron

Kobe Bryant

Kobe is known to be the best player in the game.

Quoted by many players in the league "Kobe is the best". Kobe has 4 championships 3 consecutive with a former teamate Shaq Oneal. Many people quoted Kobe cant win a ring without Oneal. Kobe has just won the 2009 championship without Oneal also winning the MVP award of the championship.

Kobe has been compared to Micheal Jordan hes has been proving he is the best in the game today. Micheal Jordan has won 6 rings in his time kobe is a couple of rings short from Mj success. If Kobe keeps going at the rate he's going there's no telling what he'll be know for next he has the chance to become the best player ever.

Lebron James

Lebron James has made history in so many ways.

Lebron James was NBAs #1 draft pick coming into the NBA straight out of high school. Lebron is 1 out of A million. Lebron James hasn't been in the NBA no more than 8 years and he's already looked at as one of the best whos played the game. Lebron has been compared to some of the worlds best suche as Micheal Jordan and Kobe Bryant.

Lebron James is a young Player whos growing and getting better as he goes. He is also compared to LA Lakers Kobe Bryant which who ramains still in the NBA. Kobe is a four time world champ and he also was a great player at a young age. Lebron and Kobe both jump into the NBA straight out of high school, who better thats for the stats to prove.